Introducing The Sanskaari Sass Podcast

The co-hosts of The Sanskaari Sass Podcast were having a lot of feminist conversations with each other. And in true narcissistic millennial fashion (we don’t want to be responsible for killing the podcast industry too!), we decided to plug in a mic and place it in front of us just to share our thoughts, concerns, complaints with the world.

We devised a plan to invite some our favourite sass queens to help us navigate our feminist journey, talk about their work, discuss the news and breakdown pop-culture in the feminist context. We will have four segments every month:

  • Feminism 101
  • Feminism and Chill
  • Women at Work
  • IRL

In honour of the way this podcast came about, it seemed fitting to discuss feminism and female friendships for our first episode to introduce your co-hosts Ruchika and Mallika.

We talk everything from unrealistic representation of female friendships in pop-culture to the badass sass queens we want to be stranded on an island with!

Tell us about your feminist (or not-so-feminist) friendships on Sanskaari Sass. Message us on InstagramFacebook or Twitter!

Keep your eyes on our social media to hear about the latest episode every Wednesday.

Music composed by Saanjh.

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